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Welcome to Explore Tikizia. It’s an honor to have you here!

Tiquicia is the informal way to say Costa Rica. There is a difference between writing and pronunciation, but the original adjective, Tico (or Tica, meaning Costa Rican), is pronounced [‘tiko]. So the word “tiquicia” is pronounced Tikizia [ti’ki’zia] since the pronunciation [k] followed by an [i] or an [e] is represented graphically as “qu.” So: Tiquicia=Tikizia meaning “place of the Ticos.”

Ok, after that short Spanish pronunciation explanation, let’s talk about…

What is this blog about?

Our purpose is to uncover the unexplored–in essence, the hidden gems–in Costa Rica. Whether we find those hidden gems in touristic areas or tiny rural villages, we want to hear their stories and share them with the world.


Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, bordered by two oceans. It has 5% of the world’s biodiversity. It also has coffee, rich culture and Pura Vida!

But we want to take you to explore why we are one of the countries that has been ranked as the happiest place on the planet.

Thinking of traveling to Costa Rica? Here is a selection of the information that we consider most important for first-timer visitors:

* Where to stay the first night

*Costa Rica Currency – A Guide for First-Time Travelers

*General Expenses

*Typical Food

*Costa Rican culture

Well also have created our first eBook with the information we consider most important to learn about Costa Rica. You can download it and learn more about this country. Click Here! 

Also, we know that everyone has their own travel style, so here are our favorites travel styles in Costa Rica. Check which fits for you!

Our traveling styles:

*Culture Seeker

*Responsible Travel 

*Hiking Enthusiast 


If you’re wondering our background and more about us, be sure to check out our about us page to read our story and learn our philosophy of responsible travel. We are not perfect but learning more each day. Then, drop us a note and introduce yourself. We love hearing from our readers.

We believe that Costa Rica is so much more than what we call a BBS place (beaches, beers, and sun). And of course, even though it has also been declared as one of the countries with an impressive environmental sustainability, there are still a lot of things to do in order to take care of our environment.

So that’s why, through this blog, we want to create content about the things we are exploring and learning in our country and share them with everyone. We also want to share our passion for 3 main approaches to tourism:

  • Rural Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Responsible Travelers

We decided to blog because we want to create a platform that supports local economies in communities. The digital divide won’t let small tourist businesses get the most out of the web and social media that they can promote themselves.

So creating content about them is the best way to let people know that they exist and they are an option in your choices when you are coming to Costa Rica.

Also, people have the opportunity to learn more about responsible traveling, which is the way we have chosen to travel and reduce our footprint.


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The newsletter is for those who would like to be in touch on a more personal level and get news about our projects with communities and tourism in Costa Rica. We’ll also include tips or deals around the country or just ways to join the journey of the Pura Vida lifestyle.

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We want to share our photography work, articles, and experiences from people and places that have inspired us, and we hope to inspire you too!

At the same time, we enjoy learning about different cultures. We love hearing stories of people that are changing the planet, or just talking with people who share their souls with strangers. In other words, we never get tired of this lifestyle!

We are a Costa Rican couple that has created this blog because we enjoy traveling around our country and getting travel experiences while we get to know the different hidden gems and share with the locals.

We love to eat gallo pinto and tortillas plus drink cafe in a local soda. Oops, sorry for our Spanglish! However, come in and read our blog and get inspired about a different travel style that can be practiced in any part of the world.