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Tiquicia is the informal way to say Costa Rica. There is a difference between writing and pronunciation, but the original adjective, Tico (or Tica, meaning Costa Rican), is pronounced [‘tiko]. So the word “tiquicia” is pronounced Tikizia [ti’ki’zia] since the pronunciation [k] followed by an [i] or an [e] is represented graphically as “qu.” So: Tiquicia=Tikizia meaning “place of the Ticos.”

Ok, after that short Spanish pronunciation explanation, let’s talk about…

What is this blog about?

It’s a travel blog about Costa Rica where we love sharing the “Pura Vida” lifestyle and taste of our culture through our travels with the purpose of inspired others to have that life-changing travel experience.

As locals we love to share our knowledge of the country and help travelers to design and plan their authentic experience in Costa Rica through our accurate information.

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