After reading our blog, you have probably realized that renting a car in Costa Rica is a huge advantage.

Reserve your car online with us and get a 5% discount*

*Discount applied over the base fare amount without taxes and mandatory insurance. You don’t need any discount coupon. Discount already applied to the base fare amount. By renting your car with us, we will get a small percentage commission that will SUPPORT US

Renting a car can give you benefits like:

  • Freedom and time savings.
  • Better mobility to non-touristy places.
  • Readjustment of your itinerary if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do prices of other car rental companies look cheaper?

It is normal for travelers to explore options and look for the best price. However, we have noticed that many companies in Costa Rica show car prices on their website without the taxes and mandatory insurance.

This is what we call “clickbait” (information that attracts attention). We have met people who booked their car with a company thinking they had got a cheap deal, but when they got to the car rental office to pick up the car; the person at the counter started to tell them all the amounts that would be added to the base fare amount.

This happens because the car company only shows their base fare amount on their website in order to attract more people and rent more cars.

This a really bad practice because during the high season it is so difficult to rent a car. So if you arrive in the country and you have booked your car already, you don’t want to lose it. So that forces you to take the rental even when you did not expect to spend that extra amount of money.

Will my credit card be used as a guarantee?

Yes, it will.

Your credit card will be used as a guarantee for any rental car company in Costa Rica. Keep this in mind!

Many travelers get surprised when they arrive in Costa Rica and at the moment when they are picking up their car, the car rental company has asked them for a deposit on their credit card.

Adobe rental car (the company that we have a partnership with) will ask you only for $1000 USD as a deposit for any car type. This amount will be pending on your credit card. Other companies might ask you for even more.

It’s important to understand that the guarantee amount will be returned to your credit card as soon you return the car in good condition: without any accident, damage in the paint or other issues.

What insurance coverage do I need to pay for?

As we mentioned before, we have a partnership with Adobe Car Rental. We trust them and we have received really good reviews from readers who have used them before.

This company has 3 different types of insurance coverage:

Liability Protection (PLI)

Mandatory insurance with a limited coverage of liability.

  • Damages to third parties’ property: US$20.000. 20% deductible or a minimum of US$250.
  • Injury or death of third persons not traveling in the rental car: US$100.000 per accident. No deductible.
  • Does not cover damages to the rental car.

Car Protection (LDW) / This insurance can be declined, however, you must present written proof of coverage.*

Waiver of financial responsibility in case of damages to the rental car, produced by a car accident, collision or rollover. It also protects the financial losses in case of a total or partial theft of the automobile.

  • Does not cover vandalism damages, cost of tow truck and road assistance.
  • The car protection has a deductible (excess) of US$1,000.
  • Does not cover third-party damages.

*The Car Protection (LDW) may be declined upon presentation of a letter from the credit card company that states coverage for a rental car in Costa Rica. Please consult for further information.

Extended Protection (SPP) / This insurance is OPTIONAL (You don’t need to take it)

Waiver of the deductible (excess) of the Liability Protection (20%) & Car Protection ($1,000).

  • Extends the limit of the coverage up to US$4.000.000 per event.
  • Covers vandalism damages, windows, tires.
  • Covers cost of road assistance cost (24/7) and tow truck.
  • Guarantee deposit of US$1000 will be required with major credit card.

For any questions about renting a car in Costa Rica, email us at or Contact Us