Welcome and Pura Vida!! We are Ligia and Rodrigo from Costa Rica! Together, we have created ExploreTikizia.

Why? Because we consider ourselves explorers and we want to share about our country with all our readers.

Ultimately, we want this blog to be a place where we talk about our adventures in travel and sustainable tourism in Costa Rica.

As Costa Rican nationals, we are constantly learning about and visiting places that can serve as alternative options to all those travelers who share the principles of sustainability and want to enjoy Costa Rica in a more authentic way.

When we travel, we try to support local economies by staying in small hotels, visiting eco-friendly farms, doing guided tours by locals and visiting national parks. Still not perfect but learning how can we achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

We hope to inspire others to break in their routines and enjoy life and travel.

We hope every trip we take and share will help support sustainable projects and also leave something meaningful to our readers!

Who We Are

To make a long story short: We met in 2010 working together in a travel agency in downtown San José. Ligia was finishing her final project at university to graduate with a degree in tourism. At the same time, Rodrigo was finishing his certification to become a tour guide. After we finished our studies, we both got involved in sustainable tourism in Costa Rica. All of this combined gave us a shared passion for traveling and supporting local economies through tourism.

Rodrigo has a passion for photography and nature that allows him to show a glimpse behind our experiences. Ligia, the daughter of two biologists, has an inner passion for nature and sustainability plus a strong philanthropist side that always makes her involved in a cause.

Both of us have been working in tourism for quite a few years and have met people from all over the world. We love to share about our country and culture, but we also love to learn from those cultures that are different than ours.

On a more personal level, we have been married since 2013 and we both have full-time jobs. Right now, Rodrigo works in customer service at a travel technology company and Ligia works as an administrator in a children’s NGO. However, we dedicate all our spare time to travel and blogging about our experiences. Our main goal is to make this blog our full-time job.

Our favorite quote:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

― Augustine of Hippo

Thanks for following us and being part of this journey!

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