Hola! We are Ligia and Rodrigo from Costa Rica! Nice to meet you!

We have worked in tourism since 2008 and have seen the changes in the way people travel in our country. We have also seen the impacts of tourism in Costa Rica.

Lately, we’ve seen some new trends in travel. Technology is reshaping the way we travel. Smart travelers are better educating themselves and trying new ways to book hotels and tours in more meaningful ways. Travelers want to experience local places and are more conscious about caring for the environment.

We want to use this website to promote local projects and encourage sustainable tourism in Costa Rica. We love giving information and tips about places that you can visit in Costa Rica. So, here you will find information about

Costa Rica and ideas about how to explore it in a sustainable way.

Also, we enjoy hearing people’s travel experiences around the world. We love hearing why people choose to visit

Costa Rica. And, as locals, we also love guiding visitors to enjoy their time here.

Where do we start?

To make a long story short: We met each other in our college years.

We worked together in a travel agency in downtown San José.

Ligia was finishing her final project at university to graduate with a degree in tourism. At the same time, Rodrigo was finishing his certification to become a tour guide.

We found that we had something in common: We both loved to be outdoors in nature (always wet or dirty, watching animals).

We would both rather be outdoors meeting new people and showing off our country than in a shopping mall or watching movies in the cinema. Also, we are 90% outdoors people.

So we got married and moved forward with our careers and life, exploring Costa Rica.

Okay, but why make this site?

Well, everything started as a hobby: hiking, photography, discovering new places in Costa Rica.

We both love traveling, and working in tourism let us mix work and fun. Looking for something more fulfilling than just the conventional tourist places, we started visiting new places that were surrounded by communities that protect nature and make a living from tourism.

In talking to the people in these areas, we learned about their challenges and desires to host more people and be more visible to tourists.

They expressed to us the difficulties they had understanding the digital marketing and not having enough economic sources to invest or train themselves.

So, we noticed that there is a disconnection in the digital space. There are so many cool, sustainable local tourism businesses in Costa Rica, but they don’t always have an online presence. When people asked us for suggestions for off-the-beaten path places or activities in Costa Rica, there often wasn’t information online or it was confusing.
We know that travelers nowadays like to search online and try to deal directly with the provider of a service. This cuts out the middleman and makes for a fair trade, which brings a direct economic benefits to the community, family or project. And that’s great! We like that!

We want to help people find the best places in Costa Rica that might be difficult to find online. So we decided to create this platform, where we want to create content and useful information for people looking for more authentic experiences in Costa Rica. At the same time, we hope the content helps the entrepreneurs or communities who benefit from tourism.

We also want to empower the communities to promote themselves in the online world with the tools that we have learned from blogging. So the idea is to provide quality content (pictures, videos, writing) and basic training to them while we travel.

Our travel style

We love all sorts of travel. But what we enjoy the most is traveling in a way that creates a positive impact in the communities that we visit and at the same time protects the environment.

So the travel style we identify with the most is Sustainable Tourism.

Here is a list of work that we have been involved in Costa Rica in order to promote this style:

  • 2010: Ligia’s final graduation project: “Proposal of Rural Tourism on the farm “VALLE LOS QUETZALES”, Distrito de Piedades Norte, San Ramón, Alajuela, 2010.”
  • 2011: Collaboration with the community of Bajo La Paz San Ramón to create a one-day tour from San José to visit the area.
  • 2011: IX Community rural tourism fair – Participation as travel agency promoting the community of Bajo La Paz, San Ramón.
  • 2012 -2014: Ligia worked in a volunteer organization called uVolunteer, where she coordinated the participation of international volunteers in environmental and social projects around Costa Rica.
  • 2014 – 2018 We organized many groups of tourists and took them to off-the-beaten-path destinations in Costa Rica.
  • 2018 – Participation as press in EXPOTUR 2018 (XXXIV edition of the most important Travel Market of Costa Rica and the region).

We don’t share this to brag, but just to express how passionate we are about sustainable tourism and that we take our job seriously.

We want to connect responsible travelers with communities and nature in Costa Rica.

The way of traveling is changing and we want to be part of it.

Imagine if you could change the world simply by changing the way you travel?  

More about us

Ok, what else?


  • I love coffee! Honestly, it is my addiction and recently I’ve gotten in the habit of drinking it without sugar.
  • Personally, I don’t love office work. However, I learned how to stick my butt to the chair when I have to. I just need nature, animals and a camera to be happy in my life… and Ligia of course!
  • I taught myself to drive a motorcycle when I was 17 years old and since then I love to ride a motorcycle.
  • My brother lives in the United States, so the first place I ever visited in the U.S. was his home in Ohio.
  • I played soccer for many years (when I was a teenager) and almost got to play professionally. After an injury in my knee, my career took another path. I don’t regret it because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have met Ligia (Here’s where you say “Awww!”)


  • I used to have an obsession with food. I love to try new things. Even if they don’t sound delicious, I will try them because I love food. But my favorite food is pasta above everything! I fell in love with it after a trip to Italy in college.
  • I am a cat lover. Big, small, or wild cats. My dream is to hug a wildcat one day, but I’d also just enjoy watching them in freedom.
  • My parents are biologists and when I was little I grew up in a National Park while they did research. I thought the monkeys were my friends until I had to go to kindergarten. It took me a while to like other kids.
  • When I travel to a new place, meeting people is one of my favorites things. I love to listen to people’s life stories, and I can talk for hours with a person. In general, I love listening to stories.
  • I have visited Panama (more than 50 times since I have family there), Italy, Switzerland and the United States.
  • I love coffee, but for some reason I drink it pretty slow until it is cold. Sometimes I don’t even  finish, so Rodrigo always says that I am not a real coffee lover!

Now we want to know more about you!

We are always happy to learn new things and meet new people, even if just virtually. And if you come to Costa Rica, we’d love to have a coffee together.

Not planning to come to Costa Rica? Well, you can still tour with us through our social media. You know it is the easiest way to be in touch, so feel free at least to say hi!

Oh, and the name Explore Tikizia is explained on our Start Here page. Check it out and let’s get connected. We hope you can get inspired to travel to Costa Rica and do it in a responsible way!

Our favorite quote:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

― Augustine of Hippo

Thanks for following us and being part of this journey!