Located on the left side of the road taking you to the Irazu Volcano.

There is the Linda Vista (Beautiful View) Restaurant.

As the name tells you the restaurant has a beautiful view of the central valley.

 The walls covered in messages and business cards that every customer leaves; it´s really interesting!. It´s like a guest book all over the restaurant.

View of Cartago on the way up to Irazu Volcano

Cartago View

There is no way to get lost LOL 😀

Linda Vista Signs


Thousands of visitors to the Irazu Volcano stop on their way to the volcano for breakfast or on the way back as we did for an “Aguadulce” and handmade tortillas.

They offer a variety of options for breakfast, lunch or coffee time.


When you are going into the restaurant is impossible to just go and take your seat like a normal restaurant.

You will get distracted reading the messages on the walls.

Then you realize that you have to quickly take one of the tables next to the windows to enjoy the view before other people do. Those are the famous seats.

The restaurant

It has around 50 years of history, so we asked the waiter about where the idea to stick business cards came from. He said that it started when the first customers; they would leave a signature of their visit on a business card and then stick it on the wall.

Later after tourists stopped carrying business cards as much they started to leave bills from their country with their names.

Over time more and more people did this and now you can see the different creative ways to leave messages.

Doesn´t matter if it’s a napkin, a sticker, whatever represents your country or team is valid.

You get to see things from people all over the world that visit this restaurant.





We were curious to check this place out because we saw a local TV program give information about the place.

At the beginning, I thought that the place looked old and disorganized of course with thousands of papers on the walls, windows and even on the ceiling.

Then I thought that is what makes this place different and attractive, the rustic and creative decorations.

We ordered our coffee and “Aguadulce” plus the tortillas with sour cream (it was soo delicious you can taste how homemade everything was).

The service was good and the waiter was very kind (answering repeated questions about the papers on the wall) and bringing our order really quickly.


But what really makes this place special, if you pay attention and read the messages on the walls is the love the people express on them.

I am talking about what the papers say is love for the country, from “Ticos” and from foreigners who recognize the beauty of the area, the volcano, and warmth of the Costa Rican people.

Explore Tikizia at Linda Vista

The restaurant is full of history, tradition, delicious food and love expressed in those messages. We highly recommend you visit and experience a restaurant.

Specially because here is where the walls will tell you a story, while you enjoy a delicious, traditional Costa Rican meal and observe the beauty of the central valley landscape.

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  1. Debbi Moss says

    I volunteer with Faithful Servant Missions at Bajo Tejares and have been helping your wonderful wife, Ligia, in the office. I love your tour guide blog which I think will be very helpful when (hopefully) Wayne (my husband) and I get a chance to explore

    • Rigo says

      Hi Debbie. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am glad that this blog is helpful for you and your husband. When you both get back; we should plan a trip around San Ramón. 🙂 Ligia and I could be your tour guides!!

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