Typical food at Cafetería Flory: San Ramón of Alajuela

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Here is one of my favorite places to enjoy the typical food. It´s a rustic but very welcoming restaurant.

It´s  a small and rustic but very welcoming restaurant in the middle of the cloud forest mountains.

One of my favorite things to do is eat…. I know there are probably thousands of people in the world who love to eat! One of my favorite styles of food is typical food …. especially when it tastes fresh and is made with love from mom.

I loved the crafts and traditional ornaments of Costa Rica, such as old coffee cups and candy molds.

You could tell they had been used in the past; which adds extra value and makes us feel that a bit of history is kept alive there.

You can learn about the traditions and visiting restaurants is such a help to local families to keep our roots alive and to pass on something to the next generation.

So…. who is Mrs. Flory?
Floribeth Araya Perez or just Doña Flory, is a neighbor of La Paz of San Ramon, she has had this small restaurant-diner for 10 years, after years of effort and struggles it has become a family business and a well-visited place for the residents of San Ramon and foreigners who are visiting the area.

The warmth and helpful people working in the Soda will make anyone feel as if they were part of the family.

On the menu, you can find Casados(which are traditional Costa Rican dishes that include rice, beans and a meat of some kind), minced meat soup, chicken soup and more.

Helpful information

How to get there?

By Bus:

First, go at the local bus stop that is in front of the Mercado de San Ramón.

From there you can ask a person in one of the local stores to show you specifically where the bus to La Paz is located.

Then once on the bus you can tell the driver you are going to Bajo La Paz and you want to get off at the Soda Flory, the driver knows where the Soda is.

The trip usually takes about 40 minutes, because the bus stops often (well… too often). The landscape is full of mountains and passes through several rural areas where coffee and sugar cane crops can

By Rental Car or personal vehicle



Tuesday to Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm


 You can book a more private space for tourists groups or large families. If this is the case is better to call ahead and let them know probably will be a good tip to take into consideration. We have seen birthday celebrations and locals doing their parties there.

What else can I find?

Birds: They have a feeding place for birds.  From the tables, you will see a variety of birds that you can photograph.

Trapiche: Just off to the Soda you can see one of the few remaining artisan mills in the area. You can read more about this here mill.

Saturday Nights: Live music and chicharrones!

Other details

-You can only pay with cash

-You can buy yeast bread, “Sobado”, tapas de dulce.

-I recommend you ask for the “Peinado pa atrás” drink and try it!!!!!

–  They use the wood stove to prepare the food


Phone: 2447 3580

Email: [email protected] (in the message you can write in English)

It is definitely a wonderful place. Beautiful scenery and traditional food that will make you feel welcome and at home!

PS: Tell us if you tried the “Peinado pa atrás” drink and let us know how it tastes 🙂









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