Cascada El Pavon sits in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica, close to two popular beach towns: Uvita and Dominical. 

The area is surrounded by beautiful beaches and waterfalls that are hidden inside the mountains like Nauyaca Waterfall.

When people visit these areas, they are not aware of some places like this waterfall, which  are more off-the-beaten path, but well-known by locals. 

You will see that the waterfall has a unique rock formation where it seems like someone has put a rock in the middle of the two rock walls.
So whatever draws you to this area, we’ve got you covered with this information as locals to help you plan your own trip and pictures to spark your wanderlust.

How to get to Cascada El Pavon?

Located 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from Ojochal, around 15 minutes driving in a narrow and steep side street from the main highway. 

A 4 wheel drive will be a good option but is not extremely necessary.  

4 reasons for you to visit this waterfall

The clear and fresh water makes this waterfall so attractive in the humid and hot weather of the South pacific side of Costa Rica. 

I love the beach more than Rodrigo. He is a mountain lover, so visiting waterfalls is the perfect mix for us of water and mountains together.

1. Free entrance

When we got there, I was waiting for the sign with the entrance fee.

I didn’t believe the part that the entrance was free, but there’s no sign and no one is charging, so you go on your own.

You can park beside the route and walk down to the waterfall. 

Tip: For safety, there is a restaurant next to the main entrance that you can park at.

Ligia having a good time at Cascada El Pavon

2. Not a lot of tourists

Even though a lot of people from all over the world have visited this waterfall, some people feel that is out of the way, so it is less crowded than other spots. 

The times that we have visited, the place hasn’t been packed.

However, we have been told that during weekends or holidays it might be popular for a lot of locals.

Exploring Cascada El Pavon

3. Perfect for adults and children

The place is perfect for families since it doesn’t involve a lot of hiking.

Also, the place is not that big, so it’s easier to keep an eye on the kids. A lot of local families visit the area, especially during vacation time (Jan-Feb).

Cascada El Pavon

4. Easy hike

The hike is around 75 meters (less than a mile) from the main entrance. 

You can wear flip flops since the hike to the waterfall is not difficult.  

Apparently, there is another trail that takes you to the top of the waterfall.

Tip: If you hike also a little down the river, you will find a “poza” — clear pools below the waterfalls

Restaurant and facilities

Tilapia restaurant: Centro Turistico Tilapia El Pavon

The restaurant is located across the street from the main entrance of Cascada El Pavon. 

It’s a familiar restaurant with wide open space where you can fish for fun and eat your own fish (great for kids!). 

We usually get so hungry there that we just order a big plate with fish cooked with wood fire kitchen ready to eat! 

They are developing the concept from the farm to the table. 

They have a green area to walk around, and also we have seen a group of monkeys that get into the trees next to the restaurant. 

Tip: Ask for the veggie food — I know this restaurant concept is not the best for vegetarian folks, BUT our friend order patacones, yuca, chimichurri and it was really good.

Bathroom to change

There is no place to change at the waterfall, so make sure that you bring your towel and wear your swimming suit. 

Most of the people go to the restaurant and use the restroom to change, however there is no place to shower there.

Parking place

As we mentioned before, we prefer to park the car at the restaurant and walk to the Pavon waterfall and enjoy and relax. Then when we get hungry, we walk back to the restaurant to change and have some food.

For me, Cascada El Pavon makes you feel like you can have your own private waterfall.

We are really glad to have discovered this place, which together with the restaurant brings a great experience in the area. 

We do believe that it is a great half-day trip to enjoy the waterfall and the restaurant while you visit the area of Uvita, Dominical or Ojochal. 


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