You have probably been searching for information on Google, forums or blogs and IT’S STILL NOT clear how to start planning your unique experience around Costa Rica.

We know that searching for information at different websites can be overwhelmed and time-consuming plus you don’t know the language and culture.

So, you are not sure if you are making the right decisions.

Hi, we are Ligia and Rodrigo

Our knowledge and 10 years of experience working in the tourism industry in Costa Rica. Rodrigo as a tour guide and travel planner. Ligia with expertise in hospitality, tour desk agent, and even as a volunteer coordinator. Plus, our love for the communities, traditions, hiking & wildlife.

It’s what motivated us for creating this blog with completely FREE information about adventure, nature & cultural experiences with locals.

A blog that can help you to plan your trip by yourself, avoiding to visit other websites or forums that can make you felt confused or feeling even worse when you visit an unknown country without the right guidance:

  • Like a total tourist who will be visiting only the crowded and pricy places after spending a lot of time in research thinking that you are making the right choice.
  • Rip-off for paying more money than you should for not having insider tips with you!
  • Dissatisfied because of missing the opportunity to get an authentic and unique local experience.

It really makes us sad when we meet people who have been looking forward to their trip to Costa Rica for a long time and wish to have a local experience where they can get the authentic taste of the culture — but then end up listing the same touristy places that everyone else visits. 

Or sometimes we have heard stories of people who ended up overpaying because there is so many intermediaries. 

Those are some reasons why we created our TRAVEL ADVISOR SERVICE!

With the conviction of the importance of listening to people first in order to help them achieve their expectations. 

We don’t think the traditional model of a travel agency that sells pre-made packages for everybody is the right one.

How are our trips different? 

  • We BELIEVE in custom-designed: We don’t have cookie-cutter trips. We like to create a trip just for you. As locals, we have contacts that help us connect your vacation with your interests. As much or little structure as you wish. We could help you plan part of the trip or the whole trip.
  •  We BELIEVE in local knowledge: We have the personal contact details for local travel suppliers since we live in Costa Rica. This means your trip will be planned with the most up-to-date, localized knowledge.
  • We BELIEVE in Sustainable Tourism: We don’t like the “greenwashing” trend that’s out there. We believe that every action has a positive or negative consequence. Sustainable tourism is about leaving a positive impact on local economies, preserving the culture and protecting the environment. So our goal is to work with suppliers who are practicing sustainability and offers a great quality service (hotel & tours).
  • We BELIEVE to focus our effort and expertise  in specialities modes of travel that we love such as cultural, bird watching, family adventures (hiking, rafting, zip-lining).

Happy Explorer Customers

“But I love travel planning myself!”

We hear it all the time.

Should You Plan Your Trip With Us?

Here are some reasons why you should HIRE US:

  • Save up to 30 hours (or more) in searching and planning your trip.
  • Skip the logistical nightmares. Costa Rica seems like a small country that you will drive from the Pacific to the Caribbean ocean in one day. What most people don’t know is that what looks like a close distance on the map can take hours if you don’t know the right way.
  • Get recommendations for uniquely local places. Your choices don’t need to be limited to the brochures that you see in most travel agencies. 
  • Create a meaningful experience with personalized service. One thing it’s to only love travel and other thing is to love how to plan to travel.

Here is an idea of what you get…

  1. Destination advice from local experts in Costa Rica (Ligia & Rodrigo). 
  2. Ideas on what to do depending on your interests. We listen seriously!
  3. Hotel/Tours/Transportation bookings with our partner’s network providers.
  4. All your trip information organized in one place (Access to ours Mobile App).
  5. Personal attention answering all your questions.  6.   In-country support. We live here and we are willing to be there with you in case a situation shows up.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your plan and process your checkout payment.
  2. Share your travel preferences and complete our form.  
  3. An initial phone call where we’ll talk about your interests and the payment process.
  4. Receive a fully custom itinerary and all included in your plan. 

How much does the travel advisor service cost?

We love to help people to come to Costa Rica and get the most out of the experience without losing the freedom to still plan their trip and without paying a fortune to get information that helps them meet their expectations.

For that reason, our prices are reasonable.

Check it out!

If you decided to select ours Explore Consultation; Be prepared!

Have these things handy at the time of your consultation appointment:

  1. Paper and pencil (be sure to take notes — we won’t send you a summary)
  2. Prioritized list of questions (to avoid forgetting anything and to help us stay focused)
  3. Your rough itinerary (Approximately dates and top places you want to see)

Explore Consultation





30 minutes trip consultation

Explore Travel Desing





60 min. phone call meeting (Zoom or similar)

Unlimited email + chat

Custom daily travel plan

Hotel / Lodge booking (access to special discounts with our partners network)

Booking service for tours and transportation (access to special discounts with our partners network)

Unlimited itinerary revisions

In-destination support

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