At this point in January, the holidays and the laid-back first days of the year are behind. And our resolutions for a New Year and intentions are beginning to focus.

After holiday´s weeks with family and celebration, not so much outdoors, to be honest. We have noticed how much we miss being hiking in the woods.

2018 brought us new friends, new places, a trip to the U.S that included a meeting our new niece plus a lot of learning.

Since we started the blog, we have discovered many new things about us. For those that do blogging know what we are talking.

In the last maybe four years, we have found two particular things that we enjoy the most: traveling in our home country and helping travelers to explore Costa Rica.

Yes, that’s correct. That’s one of the reasons that we started blogging. You can read more about our background.

Our beginning in hiking

I don’t precisely remember an official day that says in my journal: “This is the day that I will start hiking..”.  

However, Rodrigo´s job as a tour guide requires hiking while he was taking tourists around the country and my role as a volunteer coordinator, took me to do tours in hiking trails and  I can say that was how I started to enjoy being more in nature.

One day, Rodrigo wanting to hike with more people decided to create a Facebook event and started promoting a hike in one of the mountains close to our house, where you can visit a waterfall in the middle of the cloud forest.

“Catarata Danta” (Danta Waterfall) is one of our favorite hidden gems in San Ramon that we recommend for beginners hikers.

Honestly, I was skeptical about how many people will sign up for that hike, but they did!

We picked up with a VAN people from San Jose. We had a friendly group of 12 people from San Jose; I remember even two girls from Germany came.

We did a 14 kilometers (9 miles) of hike that day, and all our guests were happy. It’s a remarkable memory that we will never forget the feeling of accomplishment.

Scouting hike with friends to Danta waterfall in July 2010

There are many benefits that you can get from hiking. According to Harvard Medical School here are the main ones:

  • Cardiovascular fitness – Good for your body.
  • Stress Relief – Good for your mind.
  • And some people including us will add this one: you become more aware of your surroundings and help you to connect with God. – Good for your Spirit.

We have been experiencing these benefits since maybe 4-5 years ago and the more we do it, more we like it.  

The best hiking experiences that we had had … so far

The nice thing about hiking is that you can do from a gentle walk through Mountain Climbing level.  

We started hiking trails in National Parks, private reserves here in Costa Rica and getting more comfortable to do longer hikes.  

In 2017, we set a new goal to hike the highest mountain in Costa Rica.

The preparation took us like six months hiking mostly during the weekends. Ligia went back to swimming and Rodrigo started running. It was hard to be consistent, so when it was the time to hike Chirripo, we still didn’t feel in our 100%.

However, this hike has been one of the most fantastic experience for us … so far.

Then in 2018, another yearly challenge came to our mind, so we decided to hike Corcovado National Park. Another popular one for people that travel to Costa Rica.  

Now we are looking forward to seeing more people enjoying Costa Rica in this way.     

The 3,820 meters (12,533 feet) of Chirripo peak is one of the less explored places in Costa Rica in comparison with other tourist destinations.

However, it’s one of the most popular posts in our blog that people that are seeking adventure are interesting to do.

We created a guide on how to make reservations and visit Chirripo. We never expected this post become one of the most visited one.

Complete different than Chirripo, Corcovado is the second favorite one for us. We thank our friends from @Mytravelsecret for invited to do this challenge together.

The intensity of biodiversity that in 2 kilometers (about a mile), we could observe and photographed a lot of wildlife make this hike unique.

The humidity is intense, people that are not used to can have a hard time but is worth it to visit the place that hosts 2.5% of the biodiversity of Costa Rica.   

We have done this one twice, once during the dry season and another time in the rainy season.

So it was nice to experience at different times because the same waterfall that can give a good time swimming in summer. Will show the furious of Mother Nature during the rainy season.

The hike is moderate but has the portion of adventure for sure. Also is close to the Pacific beaches in Costa Rica like Dominical.

Nauyaca waterfall is an excellent option to do if you are coming during Whale Watching Season.

Where this hiking path is taking us to

Well, for sure we are comfortable to say that we want hiking as part of our lifestyle for this 2019 in a more intentional way.

Our goals and plans for this 2019 are:

  1. Create more content about hiking in Costa Rica. Explore new places here where you can do good hiking and enjoy the nature of this country as locals do.
  2. Collaborate with local associations and organizations that host hiking experience or are related to this type of tourism. So we can contribute to our goal to do more sustainable tourism.
  3. Help people who have the goal in mind to hike in Costa Rica. We can help you plan your trip or make arrangements. If they want to do on their own, they can rent a car through this link and will help us to create more content.

… plus other ideas and products that are still in developing stage like your New Year’s resolutions.

Fill this 2019 with fresh air and a sense of accomplishment, full of hikes whenever you are living or traveling.  

PS: If you say Costa Rica is not in my radar in this 2019, but I know someone that is thinking about it, and that person needs hiking in their life specifically in Costa Rica, please share this post with them!

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