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Hey friends… Here I am with my first PHOTO post.

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For this first post I will share my experience taking macro pictures. Two years ago when I bought a Nikon D90, I started from ground zero and my first goal was to learn as much about photography as I could.

So I’ve been learning photography by tutorials on Youtube 🙂 ; macro images have catch my attention since beginning. Why? Well, every detail that you can see by this technique are unique.  Especially when you take pictures of insects, small frogs or miniature flowers like orchids.

When I got my camera, it came with 2 lenses 18-55mm and 70-300mm (the basic ones); I also got some filters, an external flash, storage cards and a close up filter.

So guess what? That close up filter became really helpful for my first photos of frogs!

Close up

Macro filter


Using this filter may not be the same as a macro lenses because the images are not really sharp.

However this could be an easier, cheaper option for someone who would like to practice this technique and not spend a lot of money on a macro lenses.

Here are some images that I have taken with the 18-55mm and the close up filter.

Glass frog Costa Rica



Smilisca phaeota



Also insects like this Hercules beetle


Where do you buy it? Amazon or Ebay can be a good option.

Check out the follow filter option for your Canon or Nikon.

Note: Make sure to choose the correct filter for your lenses size.

For Canon:

For Nikon:

After you get these filters, don’t hesitate to practice, practice and practice. Take as many photos as you can!

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  1. well, there’s a whole discussion about what is macro and what is close-up. For me a macro picture would be something you cannot see with your eyes, while the pictures taken with a close up filter are close up.
    Rings would allow you to get much closer to the object and get better close ups than the filter itself.

    • Hi Shere! That’s a great point of view and as you says there is a big discussion about it. However even professional nature photographers have pictures that they consider “Macro” where they shot something that was visible with their eyes. I will figure out about the rings because I have not used them.

    • Hey Sue! I am sure that is a way to fit a close up filter to an Iphone. Actually I have seen some people using something similar in their phone cameras. I will figure out and make a post about it. 😀

  2. I had a Nikon D90 too and I miss it terribly as I downgraded to a Nikon Coolpix because I just couldn’t bare the weight of it with all the lenses! But I am hoping to upgrade again at the end of this year and I will try this technique out! 🙂

    • DSLR cameras are quite heavy to carry but the results that you can get are amazing. However this technique is applicable even for an Iphone; you just need to find out the close up filter that fit into it.

  3. These images definitely look sharp enough for me! I need a new camera, so thanks for the tip, might look into that!

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