I love nature photography. I LOVE frogs! In Costa Rica, there are a lot of species of frogs. Some of them can be small as a penny or other ones can be bigger. Frogs can be seen during the night and day! You just need to stay at the right place but don’t worry because in Costa Rica there are frogs almost everywhere. All pictures are original from us.

Here are my favorite 5 photos of frogs while I enjoy nature photography:

Common name: Masked Tree Frog

Red eyed tree Frog
Location: San Ramon, Alajuela

Common name: Masked Tree Frog

Masked tree Frog
Nature photography at cloud forest

Common name: Granular glass Frog

Granular glass Frog
Most amphibians are cryptically colored

Common name: Emerald glass Frog

Emerald glass Frog
Nocturnal nature photography

Common name: Hourglass Frog

Hourglass Frog
Jumping is also a key frog adaptation in the exploitation of arboreal habitats

Costa Rica has been a center of interest to field-oriented biologist and nature photographers. Few places in the world combine such a great diversity of habitats with so rich a tropical fauna and flora.

The herpetofauna is no the exception that shows that in few hours drive you will find a lot of variety in Costa Rica.

We enjoy every time we can take advantage of this opportunity to study and take pictures of all creatures of nature.

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Pura Vida!

My 5 favorite frogs

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