Birds, birds and more birds! 🙂

It is not a secret to our readers and social media followers how much we love birds.  Actually, if you check our Instagram account, you will be able to see some of our birds’ photos (Click here and check it).
Usually when someone thinks about birds, what comes to their mind is: colors, sizes, long tailed, short tailed, calls and more. All those details have made me think about how incredible these animals are and increase my interest for learn more about them and photograph them.

How did I become interested?

Originally I grew up in San Jose (the capital city of Costa Rica); honestly wildlife, plants and nature in general were not something that attracted me. I was more a soccer fan than a nature lover but at the age of 20, I decided to study tourism at the college level and took a course to become a tour guide.
That definitely changed my mind, besides meeting new people I got to know more about plants, birds, mammals and more. This made me appreciate the nature and earth where we as humans all live and the most important aspect was: I started to see Jesus Christ in many different ways regarding my personal belief.

Getting to Providencia

AMAZING is the word what describes the scenery with huge mountains and clean rivers all along the way. It is not difficult to get there because most of the time the road will be downhill, however a huge problem could be the way back, especially if you are not driving a 4WD car. Some parts are dirt road, so sedan cars or any other car type could be harmed easily.

Although this could be a small or big detail depending of your perspective. I can tell you personally that is definitely worth going there.

Feels like home

When you are travelling even within your home country you expect to feel welcomed wherever you go.  That’s exactly how we felt the moment we visited “Cabinas Enrique y Ana” at Providencia, this couple treated us like really good friends that we had known for a long time.

Ligia and I got to Cabinas early in the morning and we spent time talking while Mrs. Ana prepared a delicious breakfast and lunch for us.

Supporting local’s economies has been part of what we love. Seeing people who are working hard to run their own business makes you feel good and makes you want to visit other Costa Ricans that are doing something similarly.

In most of our posts, we want to encourage others to do something similar and provide different traveling information around Costa Rica.

The birds

I don’t need to write more about the birds- just take a look these pictures.








  • The best time of the year to visit this area to see the birds is from November to February
  • Renting a car or driving your own car might be a good idea because there is not a public bus service that we know of. However don’t forget to drive a 4WD car.
  • Bring some cash with you, ATM or places that accept credit card are difficult to find. It is a rural place!
  • Getting there early in the morning will make your life easier to see the birds.


Here is a map:

PS: This map indicates the route to reach Cafeteria Chespiritos # 3, the entrance to Providencia de Dota is located in front of it.

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